Shouldn’t It Be Pink ?

Core Cider House

It’s been a pretty big couple of weeks for the cellar as we’ve done a stack of blending and getting some products ready for packaging in the Cider Shed. It’s like leaving home for the first time and filled with as much emotional fuel. I’ll tell you about a couple of secret projects that we’ve been quietly working away on in a moment, but firstly if you like our cloudy cider you’re in for a real treat as we’ve just finished our 2015 Cloudy and it’s quietly carbonating away. It’s got way more apple flavour  because it’s a much fresher product and I’ve been able to retain the vibrant green colour which is really ironic because it’s made from our from Pink Lady apples!

One of our “quiet” little projects was to make a pear version of the CORE-upted. Of course Farmer John had the secret info on where to find the best fruit in the orchard and pointed out a few trees which consistently produced exceptional fruit. Special fruit is always a great excuse to wheel out the basket press and a miserly barrel full later, our new creation was quietly ticking away.

I won’t give all the details up yet but suffice to say I’m thrilled with the outcome and we will send it to bottle for conditioning in the next couple of weeks. Look out, Peace CORE members, keep an eye out toward the end of July when we sneak a few out for some “sensory evaluation” and yes we like to share!


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