A Little Sensory is Good for the Soul

Core Cider House

I frequently get asked about what types of things to look out for when enjoying a cider or wine. Over the next few posts I will outline some of the basics and give some insights to how the crafters “sensorialy evaluate” their products. There is a heap of fun to be had in the process of tasting but uber importantly Fizzy Fridays must have fizz in them!

With a little less tongue in cheek, there are many judging models available and to make it all a little easier I’ve developed my own borrowing from the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) and the MW program (Master of Wine), two of the world’s most respected sensory qualifications. It simply breaks down the sensory components into the three areas of aroma, flavour and texture. From there we look at a few other aspects like how much of each component there is and if it’s nice or not. Next time I’ll rabbit on a little about the smells we find in ciders and where you can find a brilliant cheat sheet to bamboozle your friends with.

Cheers! AK

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