Introduction to AK (Adrian Kenny)

Core Cider House

One of the first things that people notice is the level of passion and enthusiasm I have toward Cider and Winemaking. I’m compulsive about throwing every bit of energy, innovation, creativity and scientific training that I can to make the products the best they can be for your enjoyment. There have been many spectacular failures to hopefully reveal some stunning successes.  I think the best description of me goes to my mate Dudley, “AK is an absolute nutter, it’s just that he looks normal!”

This week

I love this time of the year, the coolness give a welcome respite to the blistering heat of summer and the apples are being picked! At the moment Rachael is picking the last of the Granny Smith apples which we’ve hung out to get the very best flavour in them. The techo phrase for this is phenolic and flavonoid development. In coming posts I’ll demystify more tech talk and touch on some of the very cool science behind the crafting process. In the meantime, I’m really keen to share what we’re up to and give you a first class seat into the machinations of the cider maker.

I had an epic fail trying to remove the cloudiness from the Fortified Plum Wine that is so close to being bottle ready! I love the tradition method of letting gravity settle the small particles from the wines and ciders but in this case it was evident that was just not going to work so I cranked up “Gertrude” the name of my ever reliable filter. The wine was simply too cloudy even for Gerty so off to a mates winery to use a very cool bit of tech called a cross flow filter. It’s got lots of very fine “straws” in it which only allows the fluid through and not the solids that are being removed. The wash up is that I will have a beautifully clean wine ready for bottle next week, that has some glorious aromas and flavours.

Epic win of the week goes to our reformatted Hard CORE traditional cider for tasting great at the end of fermentation. After 14 “Hard CORE Experiments” I’m pretty happy with this one, so much so that I’ve ordered some very sexy bottles from Italy just for it! Emily and Alex have been working on some very groovy labels to compliment the shape and we are looking to put on a spit roast in late July to celebrate the return of the Hard CORE. Catch us on social media for more updates.

I hope you enjoy Fizzy Friday as much as I enjoy crafting products for it!



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