Harvest – A little Insight from our Cider Maker

Do you remember the really wet couple of days in January or the summer that really wasn’t that hot? They were features of what has been a great season for growing fruit in the Perth Hills. With almost four times the average rainfall in January and average summer temperatures a degree lower,  the ripening of the fruit was made even better by only one day over 40 degrees C. What all these numbers mean is that cooler conditions lead to a longer ripening period, which means better flavours in the products. Lower than expected crop levels further intensify flavour.

Even though harvesting will continue into late May, the cellar dwellers are getting very excited about the quality of traditional ciders in the early stages of production. Our Yarlington Mill apples had an amazing aroma to them even before they went through the press with the juice having a glorious golden colour. Our heritage varieties like Jonathon’s exhibit rich flavours and a very sleek tannin structure which will be further intensified through the bottle conditioning process. A late bold experiment to whole fruit press the super ripe Packham pears in the basket press, has paid some very big dividends in the quality of juice for the Perry’s.  The battle is now on to ripen the Pink Lady’s and Granny Smith apples before the birds decide to decimate the orchard. It’s going to be a tense period as the late April rain will also have an impact reducing the fruit volumes to ensure optimum ripeness for your enjoyment. Keep an eye out this year for a big leap forward in the quality of our traditional ciders.

Whilst we’re driven to craft the best ciders for everyone’s enjoyment, our wine production is also increasing with previous vintages selling out way too quickly. A great diversity in Perth Hills, Great Southern and Margaret River fruit sources allow CORE to “cherry pick” from great vineyards to create memorable wines. When it comes to the weather playing a big part in growing delicious apples and pears, the same is for grapes. We are super excited about our sneaky Shiraz Cab Mac project as the style has been a proven hit in the past and this year the conditions are perfect for it. Look out for this delectable morsel in the fridge later in the year.

Be sure to stay tuned in for our winter barrel tastings and wash it all down with a mulled cider or wine around the fire. To check out our range and have it delivered to your door click here.

(aka Adrian Kenny), CORE Cider Maker

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