From Orchard To Glass

We’re on a quest for individuality and quality in our ciders. Sourcing the fruit from our own orchards means we have control over the yield and flavour. As a fruit grower, the objective is high yields: As a cidermaker, the objective is high flavour. The two don’t often go together but at CORE we make this happen. The proof is in the drinking!
(FYI – most mass produced ciders use fruit concentrate, then they add water and fake chemical apple ‘aromas’. Crikey!)

Using time honoured processes like basket pressing and barrel fermentation to build complexity through to the latest in cutting edge winemaking techniques, CORE knows crafting.

We also have a small vineyard of cabernet sauvignon grapes that were originally planted to satiate the thirst of our extended family. Perth Hills are proving to be a great area for traditional and alternative grape varieties. Come and experience the delights of our Italian varieties like our food friendly white wine Vermentino.

Check out our beverage offerings here and you can even have them delivered to your door.

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