Betty Gets a Winter Workout

Core Cider House

It’s not often Betty (our basket press) gets swung into action, but when we’re pressing for the 2015 CORE-upted there is no other option! A mere 6 different types of apples will go into this year’s blend after a barrel fermentation to give it a tangible pallet richness. I’m super jazzed to be playing with this fruit which we have identified as the orchard’s best and the way the juice is tasting, is an indicator that we’re on the right track. What I’m aiming for in the 2015, is a cornucopia of pretty fruit flavours and aromas supported by some intricate winemaking complexity.

I’m going to build the complexity firstly through a mostly “clean” barrel fermentation.  By mostly “clean” , I mean the aromas and flavours are mostly fruit driven. By stressing the yeast a little, they can spin off some lovely refined earthy aromas that enrich the cider. It’s a very intricate process, as not enough stress to the yeast and the aromas will dissipate too quickly, and too much stress and they’ll go on strike! I’ve borrowed these techniques (and a few others) from fine Champagne production.

Before I forget, I’ve tweaked up a new promotional cider which I’m itching for some feedback on. It’s due to go on tap this week end so let me know your thoughts. On the agenda for next week is the bottling of our long overdue plum fortified. This baby has not played nicely but I’m thrilled by the result. A glass of this by the new CORE T Yard  fire will go down a treat! And one last one, is what I’m dubbing project XXXX. You Scrumpy lovers out there are in for a real treat! No roughness here, but it will be preservative free and is only a small batch.



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