We are a unique Perth Hills destination steeped in history, with spectacular artisan ciders, wines and fruit wines. Add sublime views over the apple orchards and a Slightly Twisted crew to the mix and you can’t help but unwind.

Our People


The ROOTS – 1st generation (1939): Giovanni Battista Della Franca (aka Jack, as no-one could pronounce his name) arrives from Italy, plants the first apples at High Vale orchard and introduces the Australian public to his singular grappa and the game of Bocce (with a pitch originally made from crushed ants nests!).


The HARVEST – 2nd generation (1957): Jack’s son GianCarlo Della Franca (aka Charlie – ditto as above) purchases the legendary ’57 Chev truck, plants a small vineyard on the property and starts his experimentations with wine. Joan, his wife and the CORE Matriach, can be seen to this day hooning through the orchard during harvest, trying to chase the cockatoos away.


charlie and joan

red truck image 3



The CORE – 3rd generation (2005): Jack’s grandson John Della Franca creates the CORE Cider brand and the original cider recipes. John is where the Slightly Twisted comes into it (just check out some of our CORE videos)

cider bottles trasnparent 2

The Apple Tart – Emily (wife-of-CORE) joined to take some of the load off John’s shoulders but has in fact created more work for him than could ever be imagined. Emily has several music degrees and she also has an MBA, but sadly admits that these amount to a Master of Bugger All for life on ‘the farm’.

picture of John


the kids

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