Core Ciders

Experience a private tasting session on Wednesdays 10-4pm where we’re open for cellar door tastings and sales. Or enjoy our superb food selections from Thursdays to Sundays.

We’re proud winners of the Most Successful Exhibitor’ – Perth Royal Show 2013

After drinking a CORE Cider you’ll never drink mass-produced cider made from concentrate again (well you might, but you’ll be dreaming of a CORE). Basically, if you have a great raw product, water tested for its purity and retentive attention to detail, then you’re on a winner. We’re on a quest for individuality and quality in our ciders and it all comes from our own orchards – ‘High Vale‘. Sourcing our own fruit means we have control over the yield and flavour. As a fruit grower, the objective is high yields. As a cidermaker, the objective is high flavour. The two don’t often go together. We manage our orchards for flavour not yield. Bite into one of our pink lady apples and you’ll get the drift.

Ciderman John after many brews and experiments, finally perfecting the Sweet Sparkling Pear

Here’s John celebrating this years’ harvest in style…

We have five ciders on tap at the Core Cider House with Cidermaker Ragan’s award-winning CORE-rupt-ed ‘methode champenoise’ available by the bottle.

Sparkling Pear (‘Peace Core’): At 3.5% a/v, this refreshingly light and fruity new addition makes for beautiful drinking on a warm summers day.

Sparkling Apple Cider (‘Core Meltdown) : 5% a/v. A modern-style cider made predominantly from pink lady and granny smith apples and carbonated. Classified “medium sweet” in cider terms but not sickly-so at all like some mass produced ciders.

Sparkling Lemon (‘Pith’D) : 4.8% a/v. A modern refreshing drink with incredibly lush ginger overtones as the lemons are pressed with the skins on. ‘Sweet’ and delicious as…Available only on tap at present but soon to be bottled due to high demand!

Traditional Apple & Pear (‘Core Reactor’)– 6.5% a/v. A great fusion, bottle conditioned (naturally carbonated in the bottle) with a little spritz,  no preservatives and classified “medium dry” in cider terms.

Traditional Apple (‘Hard Core‘)- this was specifically created for those Core Cider House visitors who kept pestering us for a Super Dry cider. Well here it is and at 7.4% a/v this is not for the feint of heart.

 ’CORE-rupt-ed’ a super, super, saliva-stripping bone-dry cider at 8%

Since our ciders are not mass-produced, you wont easily find them in shops. Being a member of the ‘Core Club’ puts you in a unique position to be able to enjoy our rare ciders whenever you like, or be invited to partake in special vintage tastings of Ciderman-John’s rare ciders and our food matching events. Check it out here.

Sparkling Apple Cider “Core Meltdown” – case


Traditional Apple & Pear “Core Reactor” – case


Traditional Apple – case


Traditional Pear “Core Atomic” – case