Core History

The CORE is an initiative of 3rd generation at High Vale Orchard, John Della Franca. Hand-crafting liquor is in his blood as you can see:

1939 – the Root Stock - 1st generation Giovanni Battista Della Franca (aka ‘Jack’ as no-one could say his name) arrives from Italy and plants the first apples at High Vale. Continues his gruppa brewing and Bocce in Oz.

1957 – the First Harvest - 2nd generation GianCarlo Della Franca (aka ‘Charlie’ ditto as above) purchases the legendary ’57 Chev truck. Starts his experimentations with wine.

2005 – the CORE - 3rd generation John Della Franca starts brewing his first ciders (actually the correct word is ‘fermenting’ but it doesn’t quite have the same ring…). 

Ciderman John..
John does things his own way, this is where the ‘slightly twisted’ comes into it. John prefers to remain elusive and if he happens to be pouring from the taps at the cider house when you’re there, you’ll notice that his front-of-house skills are rather lacking (just quietly remind him that you’re still waiting); he’d rather be out the back experimenting with a new brew.

Emily Lyons (the “Apple-Tart”)
Emily (John’s wife) joined the CORE Team to take some of the load off John’s shoulders but has in fact had the opposite effect, creating more work for him than could ever be imagined. Emily has several music degrees (very useful on the orchard) and was a concert pianist until she joined The Core. She also has an MBA but admits this amounts to a Master of Bugger All for life on ‘the farm’.

Joan Della Franca (The Core Matriach)
A legend in her own right, Joan is the quintessential lady (except when she’s hooning through the orchard scaring away the cockatoos during harvest).
She’s the centred one, the ‘calm in the storm’, not slightly twisted at all. Her husband, GianCarlo Della Franca (‘Charlie’) dec, was a whirl-wind, dynamo, top althlete sort-of-bloke who built High Vale from a small-scale orchard to a flourishing exporting business.

Sally-Apple  (The Core Pooch)
Her primary role is to greet visitors to the cider house and defend the orchard from other dogs. More importantly, she keeps the children occupied whilst their parents are inside tasting cider.

{Chief “Hard-Core” John in his youth when he was buff}

{Emily “Apple-Tart” in her former glory before she started wearing Rossi boots}

{Joan the ‘Gentle Spirit of High Vale” with Charlie at their wedding}

{Sally Apple Schnauzer keeping an eye on proceedings}

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